Christmas Day 2009

Santa was VERY good to the Muir family this year. We were all spoiled beyond belief but we never forget what Christmas is really about.

At 6:30 Christmas morning, Cole woke up and was ready to see what Santa brought him. We walked into the living room and his mouth dropped open. He just froze and starred at the super cool train table Santa left him. He was so overwhelmed at its coolness and finally walked to it and immediately began playing with it. We had to force him to find out what Santa left him in his stocking and was even more amazed to find several trains for his new table and a Lightning McQueen car, Mater truck and new Cars cups! He couldn't believe it! He was so excited about his table that he did NOT want to open any other presents. RT and I opened our gifts to each other and then had to open Cole's and just show it to him once it was unwrapped. So funny!

Once our presents had been opened it was time to get ready to go to my parents house. It was a battle to get Cole to take a break from his new toys so he could take a bath and get ready to leave. Once we were at my parents he realized there were more fun things to play with and I think he forgot about his table for a while. We opened another round of gifts and as usual my mom out did herself. Again, Cole did not unwrap a single gift because Santa left him a work bench at my parents and he was too busy with that to care about anything else until he saw that Santa also left him his very own golf cart complete with a golf bag, clubs and tees! We ate yummy brunch and played more Bananagrams before Kori and Jon had to leave for Christmas at the Bailey's. RT, Cole and I stayed and had dinner with my parents before heading home. Cole crashed in the car but the first thing he did when he woke up was go directly to his train table. He has played with it non-stop!
{Silly Mimi K!}

I could NOT have asked for a more perfect Christmas! Seeing Christmas through Cole's eyes is truly amazing! I think I can honestly say this has been the best Christmas EVER! Thank you to both our families for all the fun gifts but we can honestly say spending quality time with you was the best gift of all!
Ok, now this is the part where I post pictures of our gifts. I do NOT do this to brag. I want whoever is reading this to know that I do not post these pictures to show off. I simply want them for reference and if I don't post them now I will forget to add them when I am working on my blog book six months from now. If you don't like that I do this simply scroll to the next post now!

{the rest of Cole's gifts from mommy and daddy}

{Mommy's gifts from daddy. I had asked for the photo printer but wasn't sure if I was going to get it and the Flip was a total surprise. The Flip is AWESOME!!!!!}

{Daddy's gifts from mommy. I think my husband is the hardest man on the planet to shop for!}

{Cole's gifts from Mimi K, Gramps, Kori and Jon}

{Mommy's gifts from Mimi K, Gramps, Kori and Jon. RT got really cool stuff too but I didn't get a picture of it because he was already using it all.}
We celebrated Christmas with the Muir side of the family on Sunday and Cole got the Tag Jr. with lots of books to go with it and a Craftsmen tool box set and work light!


RL said...

that train looks so cool and what is this game bananagrams that you speak of? i must know!

Lyric said...

hahaha...bananagrams is a game where you build your own personal scrabble puzzle and the first one to use all their tiles wins! Super fun! and Supr addicting!

the rodriguez crew said...

we so need that bananagrams, we're total scrabble addicts and this sounds fun!

ok, i LOVE that you took pics of all of your loot, and I'm so mad b/c I didn't. I usually do, and I just couldn't get it together this year! I actually love looking back in my blog book to see what Jagger got for each holiday. Someday, they will think that's pretty neat to see.

You raked in some GOODS, girl! I got a Flip too (SUPER cool), and a Sony Reader (now if i can just stop blogging long enough to read!). You guys had an awesome Christmas, yay!!