Donner, Blitzen, a Goody Bag and NO Common Courtesy at Christmas

On Saturday evening my mom and I took Cole to see Santa Claus, RT was out of town again, but it didn't turn out like I planned. We started off the day with lunch and shopping and then made our way to the Village in Allen. The festivities were supposed to begin at 4:30 with Santa and the tree lighting at 6:00 so we got there a little early to beat the crowd and get a parking space. When we got there they were still setting up but Donner and Blitzen were there for the kids to see. Cole wasn't too sure about them but we made 2 different trips to see them and he quickly decided they were pretty cool.

We were told that the first 350 kids would receive a goody bag so a line began to form and we waited our turn. There were face painters and elves making balloon animals while we waited. A local radio station was playing Christmas music and kids were running all around. They had lots of craft tables set up with various crafts and everything was a little hectic but cute. Then it got ugly. After standing in line with a 2 year old for half a hour they finally opened up the line for the goody bags. You would have thought there was a million dollars in each one by the way people were acting. After being pushed and shoved with Cole in my arms I finally got our bag only to hear a lady say, "I don't know why all these people stood in line. I just walked right up there and got my goody bag." SERIOUSLY! Common courtesy is dead these days and it really ticks me off. And it was a Christmas event!....for the kids!.....I was so annoyed and Cole was getting cranky because he never took a nap so we just left. We never saw Santa. I knew it was going to be crowded but I am so naive. I thought surely people would be decent at the holidays. I am sad to say I think those days are long gone.

Here is what was in the goody bag. Toys, coloring books, Christmas stickers and tons of great coupons to stores and restaurants in the Village. It ended up being a decent bag but not good enough for people to push and shove over. Cole did get a really cute craft {see picture way above}. It was a snowman apron. We picked up the kit while we were there and we {I} glued the pieces on when we got home. Now Cole has something to decorate Christmas cookies in this year!

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