L.O.V.E. This!

I have always L.O.V.E.D. watching Cole drink. I know that sounds totally insane but ever since he was itty bitty I have loved watching him drink his bottle. The way his little top lip flipped up and bottom lip pouted made my heart smile! That feeling has carried on while I watch him drink from a sippy cup and even a straw. It is just the sweetest thing to me!
Cole also has a very distinctive way he drinks. He has always done this. He will drink, drink, drink and then catch his breath while he moves the cup to the corner of his mouth, chew on it for a second and then get back to drinking. Almost all of our sippy cups have scrapes and teeth marks! We go through sippy cups often!
I know this is crazy and such a little thing but I never want to forget it! I love this little guy and the way he drinks!

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