I am so excited about how this turned out! I got the idea from 2 places....obviously from all the catalogs where you can order your last name spelled out in pictures from nature and from my friend Shannon and sister Kori. Shannon took pictures of things that spelled out her last name from places that were sentimental to her and her family. What a great idea! So much more personal then ordering it from a catalog! Kori and I decided we would try and do the same so a few Saturdays ago we headed out to our sentimental sites and started taking pictures of things to spell Bailey and Muir. One of my stops was the hospital where Cole was born. It was my lucky day because no one was in room 304,the actual delivery room that I had Cole, so Kori and I "snuck" in and started searching for letters. We were having a hard time until my brilliant sister said "It would be cool if we could spell Cole out of things in here." Greatest idea ever sister! We were so excited that it only took a few minutes to find all the letters we needed!!! I think the finished product turned out pretty cute! Now I just have to find the perfect spot in his room for it!

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RL said...

wow. you guys are incredibly creative. that turned out great!