22 Months and Counting

What a month we have had! You have expanded you vocabulary a little bit and we are so very proud of you! You now say the following words: Wow, Whoa, More, Score, Baby, Go, Ummm, and No. You are definitely making progress! Because your vocab is limited when you want something you grab my finger and pull me to whatever you want like the refrigerator when you are thirsty or the pantry when you want a snack. Something that hasn't changed is your love for all sports. You just can't have too many balls, play too much basketball or golf and now you are swinging a baseball bat the correct way. You started Soccer Tots with 5 little buddies and you have so much fun. Even though you are by far the youngest one in the class you are keeping up with the other boys just fine! Your little personality is showing more and more everyday. I think you are going to be very shy like your mommy and daddy because it takes you a while to warm up to people! You have such a tender and sweet heart and you get embarrassed pretty easily. You are so funny and have the cutest little mannerisms. You are hard headed and have a short temper {I have now idea where you got that from..ha}. You are a picky eater but you LOVE you some sweets {I don't know where you get that from either...ha}. You still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bee Movie and you are really into Little Einsteins and Horton Hears a Who now too! This past month you have also become such a little dancer. We call the dance you do the Jig. All you have to hear is a cool theme song or me singing Five Little Speckled Frogs and you start doing your jig. It is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen! You love going to the lake and being outside as usual...nothing new there!

I can't believe that after this post I will only write 2 more monthly updates. How is it that you are almost 2!?!?! You are such a sweet little love and I love you more than you will ever imagine! I can't wait to see what you accomplish and how you change over the next month! I love you little man!

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