He's On a Roll People

After eating surprisingly well at dinner tonight {he ate his chicken, all of his green beans and raspberries and some potatoes} we decided Oreos and milk would be a wonderful treat! Boy did Cole dig the Oreos and milk!!! After his first two cookies he said his 3rd word, "More". So of course I let him have another Oreo! We are so proud of this little man! Two words in three days!


Anonymous said...

Just you wait! Next thing you know, he is going to yell, "Its not your turn lady!" to the woman in line behind you at the grocery store. And your face will turn bright red as you explain to him, "she knows it isn't her turn honey, lets please not say that again". And yet, he will continue saying that to everyone who gets in line behind you every where you go. Ooops. :)
Or how about when he sees a random bald man and says, "look mommy, its Dr. Phil!". I SWEAR I don't even watch Dr. Phil!
Just wait Lyric, he will embarrass you more than your roommate with her tall socks did your sophomore year of college. ;) Yea, you know who this is.

Jessica said...

If I say "more", will you give me some Oreos???? More more more!!!!