The Greatest Show on Earth!

Last night Gramps and Mimi K treated all of us to the Greatest Show on Earth! We had not been to the circus since Kori and I were little and we just knew Cole would LOVE it. We were right! Here is a little back story before I get into the actual circus. Cole had been a MAJOR TOOT all day and I had reached my limit. If Gramps hadn't already bought the tickets Cole might not have been allowed to go. He took about an hour nap early in the day and I was dreading the fact that the show did not start until 7:30 and I knew it was going to be a late night with basically no nap. Mommy was NOT in a very good mood before the show. Ok, so everyone meets at our house and we pile in my dad's SUV and head to the AAC. The second we walked through the doors Cole was in sensory overload. There was so much to see and hear and mommy's mood drastically changed as I watched my baby in aw of his surroundings. First, Gramps bought a program for Cole as a keepsake and then daddy and Cole headed to the toy counter so Cole could pick out a cool circus toy.
Then it was off to our seats where they had started a little pre-show and Cole was already hooked.

We knew it was going to be a great show the moment it started....get ready for picture overload!

{You can't tell in this picture put there are 8 motorcycles in this cage! INSANE!}

After the motorcycles were finished Cole was getting a little restless so Gramps and I went out to the concessions and let Cole run around for a bit. This is when Cole realized he could get just about anything he wanted from his Gramps.

"Hey Gramps, check out these 4-wheelers and motorcycles!" "Aren't they cool?!"

"I really like that motorcycle on the end."

"Yep...that one there on the end." "How could you say no to this face?"


And now my FAVORITE part...the ELEPHANTS!

As you can tell from my ridiculous amount of pictures we had a wonderful time! Cole played with his new toys all morning and got excited when we talked about the motorcycles, tigers and elephants! I am so glad we went even though we got off to a rough start. The evening did end on a funny note. We were about 5 miles from my house and my dad got pulled over for having a headlight out. That turned into a ticket because his registration was over 6 months expired, he didn't have his insurance with him and his driver's license is invalid because...well, he has had one too many moving violations. Jon had to drive the rest of the way home! Sorry dad! It is just too funny that this would happen to you! I guess you have a few things to take care of this week!

Thanks again to Mimi K and Gramps for taking us to the circus! It was so much better then I remember as a kid and Cole had a blast! We love you!


the rodriguez crew said...

Dear Cole,
Next time can I go to the circus with you? You got the COOLEST toys, and probably got to eat cotton candy too? The cute face didn't work for me?? I sure did like seeing your pictures, too! I screamed and yelled at all of the animals because i remembered them ALL!
Your buddy,
Jagger :)

Jessica said...

Great pictures. Looks like y'all had so much fun.

Enjoyed seeing Cole on Monday. He is welcome to come back anytime to see the "lion".