My 1st 911 Call

So it has been an eventful day around here. I called 911 for the first time and here is why. I went into my garage this morning because Cole and I needed to take some clothes to the dry cleaners and my garage reeked of gas. I mean it immediately made me light headed so I buckled Cole in as fast as possible and got out of there. A house is being built directly next door to me so I thought it could be a combination of all their equipment and the fact that a huge semi/flatbed with tons of supplies was sitting at the end of my driveway waiting to find a place to unload. So, Cole and I went to the cleaners and when we got back the smell was still there and still horrible. I called my dad to see if he could come and check it out for me. When he got here he said it was definitely a gasoline smell and not natural gas, thank goodness, but he could not find the source. My car wasn't leaking, the lawn mower wasn't leaking and our gas tank was barely full and had not spilled. He suggested I call the fire department just to be safe. I called and got a recording so, I had to call 911. The operator advised us to get out of the house until they figured out what was going on. So My dad, Cole, Finn and I piled into my dads truck and waited. The firemen got here so fast! They were so nice!!! They checked the inside and outside of my house and said that gasoline was evaporating from the gas can because it is so hot this time of year. I felt so dumb that I wasted their time on that but they assured me that I did the right thing by calling them. Everything was OK! There was so much going on that I didn't get very many pictures but here is the fire truck in front of our house. Cole was not concerned about it because he thought he was too cool sitting in the front seat of my dads truck. I tried to get him out so he could see the firetruck but he did not want to budge. Did I mention how nice the firemen were?!?! Before they left they gave Cole a Junior Firefighter Badge sticker. He thought he was pretty cool!I am so thankful to the McKinney Fire Department for their courtesy and for taking the time out of their busy schedules to check our non-life threatening gas leak! I really hope this will be the only time I ever have to dial 911!

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