20 Months...WOW!

I CANNOT believe it!!! I cannot believe that he has only been in our lives for 20 short months when I feel like we have never been without him. I cannot believe he is going to be two in four short months. I just cannot believe it! Cole, as always, is such a little love. He has started giving the most amazing hugs again and his daddy and I try to get as many as we can everyday.

He is "talking"/babbling more and more everyday so I just know his vocabulary is going to grow any day now!

His new favorite word is "WOW" which is said in a long whisper with a look on his face like he is looking at the most amazing thing he has ever seen. LOVE IT!

He has perfected his animals sounds which include: cow, puppy, elephant and owl. He makes fish faces for fish, sniffs his nose for bunnies and scratches his armpits for monkeys {hilarious}.

He has such natural athletic abilities. If this kid does not play some kind of sport I will be shocked. He plays basketball, golf, baseball, soccer and catch A.L.L. D.A.Y L.O.N.G. The only other things he likes to do is ride his truck or sometimes play with his cars and blocks.

If it wasn't 102 degrees outside everyday and I would let him, he would be outside constantly!

He has learned how to throw underhanded!

He has started mimicking things people do. He pretends to....take a shower and wash his hair, he puts make-up on {RT has told me to nip that in the bud immediately!}, clip his toe nails, talk on the phone and slide his finger on the screen of the phone like you do on an iPhone.

I think the terrible two's are starting a little early at our house. He has been a toot lately and is acquiring an attitude {I have no idea who he gets that from:-)}. Heaven help us!

He is such a big helper around the house. He helps me unload the washer and load the dryer, he puts his toys away and put his dirty clothes in the hamper.

Oh how I love this little man. He is so sweet, loving, FUNNY, difficult, "independent" and just plain wonderful! What would I do without him?!?!


Kori said...

I can't believe he's getting close to being a BIG 2 YEAR OLD! Our lives would be so boring without the little stinker. It's no secret how much his Aunt Kori loves him...He's heaven!!!

the rodriguez crew said...

what a sweet post, I always love reading these recaps on Jagger's little blog "friends." :) Cracked UP that he imitates the iphone slide (TOO funny!), and the makeup, washing the hair, etc. those are hilarious! I'm so impressed that he can throw underhanded - we must work on that, b/c Jagger's aim is likely to hit you in the head overhanded! He's on the brink of "talking" up a storm with all of those sounds already mastered - "WOW" made me giggle, b/c Jagger says "WHOAH" just like that ... even when it's something like seeing the dog get up from laying down, as if it's NEVER BEEN DONE! too funny how much alike these crazy toddlers are!

Happy 20 Months Cole!!! :)

Kim Knight Perez said...

Wow - I can't believe Cole is 20 months old. Very sweet post.

shauna said...

what else is there to say, except I could'nt be more proud than to be that perfect little precious boys,"MiMi K"!!!!! I LOVE YOU THISSSSSSSSSS MUCHHHH!!