Our Weekend...in a Nut Shell

Friday: My mom, Cole and I ran errands and Cole got the WORST haircut EVER! It is uneven and there is a chunk missing from the front {it is so bad I had to reschedule his 18 month pictures that he is supposed to have on Tuesday}. Then we met my dad and RT at Gloria's for some yummy enchiladas. After dinner, Cole chased cute little girls around the grassy "play" area. TOO CUTE! {Just realized I didn't take any pictures....bummer!}

Saturday: The day started with donuts and a walk to the park so Cole could play. He had so much fun and was super sweaty by the time we made it back home.
Then my sweet husband planned a date for the two of us. We dropped Cole off at his parents house and then ate here
and saw this
Thank you for a wonderful evening babe!
Sunday: We slept in and watched Nemo with Cole until we went to my parents for the usual Sunday by the pool and dinner! Cole is not loving the pool as much as I thought he would. He loves bath time and loved the pool last year so I thought I wouldn't be able to keep him out of the pool this summer....so far, not so much. He did get in {or maybe we forced him} and played a little but just didn't really like it that much. He did run around the backyard though and watched uncle Jon and daddy play plenty of Frisbee.

My parents boxer,Jake, cooling off and Cole thinking it's funny. And yes, Jake is huge! At one point he weighed 98 pounds but he loves Cole and lets him poke and crawl all over him!


Most precious little man EVER!

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