Cole Says His First Word!


Over the past couple of days he has been saying "baybaybay...beebeebee" so I thought I would get pictures of babies out and see if he could just say "baby" and today he DID! Now every time we point to a baby he says it! We are sooooo excited today!

Here is a little video of him saying "baby" when we point to the picture. You will also see his other talents...barking like a dog and mooing like a cow. Hilarious! I just LOVE this little man so much!


amuir9 said...

About the most precious thing I have seen. Really brightened my day. NanaNett

Jessica said...

That's hilarious!

Happy Birthday Lyric!

the rodriguez crew said...

oh YAY for baby!! That picture book is STILL jagger's favorite book, and how he's learned a ton of words! Cole is precious as can be, and I love, LOVE toddler talk! I kind of want Jagger to keep it forever?! :)