Last night my mom, Kori and I had girls night out and went to see RENT at Music Hall at Fair Park. IT WAS AMAZING! My mom and Kori saw the original cast on Broadway when Kori was in middle school and then saw it again on Broadway when she was in college. {Did anyone notice that my name was not included in either one of those time....funny.} We of course saw the movie when it came out and last night the original Roger and Mark were in the performance. Their voices are unbelievable! The whole thing was just wonderful and I had so much fun hanging out with just my mom and sister. What a treat!
Before we saw the play we ate at one of our favorite places, Cuba Libre. I did order a new drink called the Cuba Libre and basically it is a Coke Slurpee/Icee with lime and rum in it. UNBELIEVABLE! The black bean dip and plantation chips are to dye for as well. Can you tell we love this place?!?!
Thanks for paying for the tickets dad and for dinner mom! We had a super fun and memorable night together!


Kim said...

I am so glad you ladies had fun and enjoyed the show! It really is good this time around. My mom and I saw it in Durham, NC in January.

Jessica said...

Did you say BLACK BEAN DIP???????? Super Yummy!!!