Easter 2009

We had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with family, friends, food and fun! I love Easter! I love what Easter is really about. I love that it means spring is here. I love it all! So, brace yourself for WAY TOO MANY pictures of our little man on Easter 2009!

We started the day with a visit from the Easter Bunny! He left Cole some really cool things in his basket and an EXTRA cool thing on the back patio.
Then it was off to church and then to Mimi K and Gramps' house for lunch and egg hunting. I am so excited that he had so much FUN hunting Easter eggs!

Thanks Daddy, Gramps and Uncle Jon for hiding eggs for me! You did such a great job and I had so much fun finding them!
After a long nap it was time to see what the Easter Bunny left Cole at Mimi K and Gramps' house and to have more fun outside with daddy and Uncle Jon!
What a fun day! This is the first holiday that Cole has really participated in. What a difference 4 months makes. During Christmas he didn't really understand what the fuss was about and wasn't really in to opening presents but he totally dug the gifts and activities yesterday! I love the holidays when there is a child around. He just makes it better!

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