On Saturday I drove to Austin to attend my friend Sarah's lingerie shower. It was so much fun! I haven't been to Austin in forever so she was due a visit from me and what better reason to visit then to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. It was however, only the 3rd time that I have spent the night away from Cole since he was born so it was a little tough. I did enjoy my girl time and can't wait for the wedding on April 18th! Because it was a lingerie shower I can't post many pictures {if you know what I mean} so here are the rest of the pictures from the trip which are actually all about food. Weird.

On my way down to Austin I stopped at one of the greatest places. Health Camp in Waco is an institution and holds a special place in my heart both literally and figuratively. I have been stopping at Health Camp on my way to Austin for as long as I can remember. It started when I was about 5 years old and I would go with my dad and his best friend Johnny to UT games. We would stop in Waco and eat, always a hamburger and a shake. Sooooo yummy! I haven't been to Waco since college and I wondered if it was still there. It was and it looked exactly the same! I didn't eat there but wish I had. Best burgers and shakes ever!

Me and the bride-to-be at the shower.

Sarah's new last name is going to be Hampton so one of her roommates had the Hampton Inn logo printed on a pair of panties. Get it?!?!
So basically we opened presents and had really great girl talk until about 1:00 am. So fun! Then on Sunday morning Sarah and I got up and got ready and then I went with her to run a few errands before we picked up Dave, the groom-to-be, and headed to a totally Austin place to eat lunch. The South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery is awesome. We went there because Sarah wanted me to have the "best tacos EVER" for lunch and she was right! They are AMAZING!

In the Trailer Park and Eatery there are 3 trailers and outside seating! So fun and nothing you would see in Dallas. The food was outstanding and the weather was perfect!

I ordered the Democrat Tacos: Shredded beef with feta cheese, cilantro, onions and avocado on a corn tortilla. Not a fan of the name but the taste was great!

Shuggie's has burgers and fries and Sarah says it is equally awesome.
The gift shop. It had really weird, Austin-ish things in it but it was fun.
Needless to say, I had a super fun time and can't wait to go back in less then 3 weeks! Thanks Sarah for a wonderful time!

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