16 Months Already?!?!

Let's get the, "I can't believe how fast Cole is growing!" statement out of the way. I know I say that every month but it really goes by so fast! Ok, on to what is going on in Cole's world at 16 months!

First and foremost, Cole is WALKING! He has been walking here and there for about a month but in the last week he has officially become a walker. He finally thinks it's cool enough to do it all the time.

He loves his BELLY/belly button. He rubs his belly all the time and lifts his shirt to show it to you if you ask.

Cole is obsessed with TRASH! He wants to throw everything away {whether it is trash or not}. The only problem is, is he likes to get things out of the trash too.

He is in love with BIRDS! You should see this kid in a parking lot or the car when he sees a bird. He absolutely freaks out!

I think I could pitch a tent in the backyard and he would live out there if I let him. He cannot be OUTSIDE enough. It is going to be a long, hot summer for us!

The RED WAGON Santa brought him this Christmas was the best gift ever!

He loves any kind of BALL. Soccer ball, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Bouncy ball....you name one, he will get it for you and play catch with you for hours.

He is getting better and better at eating with a FORK/SPOON. He actually has to have one in his hand to eat even if he doesn't use it for every bite.
Cole still loves BEE MOVIE.

He has learned how to FIST BUMP or POUND {whatever you are supposed to call it} which I think makes him very cool.

He loves to READ! I love how much he loves books. Hopefully that is something that will never change.

Cole is wearing size 18-24 month in pants and 2T in shirts and has moved up to a size 5 shoe! {I know this really isn't interesting or something he has accomplished but I would like to look back it 10 years and see what size he was, so this is just for my own personal documentation}

He is becoming more and more INDEPENDENT. He likes to strap himself in the stroller, buckle himself in the car seat. He gets snacks out of the pantry etc.

Cole is pretty VAIN. If there is a mirror around, he is checking himself out!

He does not like having his DIAPER CHANGED. This has become a battle for me.

The mild TANTRUMS have begun to surface. The fits are not bad and do not last very long but they are beginning.

We cannot express how much we love this little guy! He amazes us everyday and brings so much joy to our lives.

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