"Manners easily and rapidly mature into morals."
- Horace Mann

Sunday night Cole was put in his first time out. Repeatedly putting his foot up on the dinner table while we were eating is what got him there. We were eating at my parents and Cole was sitting next to me in his booster seat and kept putting his foot up on the table. I asked him several times not to do that and explained to him why it was inappropriate. He then proceeded to "back talk" to me by almost putting his foot up there but making sure it didn't actually get on top. He was warned again that if he put his foot on the table one more time then he was going to have to go to time out. He did it and was removed from the table and placed in the pack-n-play my parents keep at there house. I shut the door and left him in there for 2 mins. Of course he cried and was a little mad at me when I went in to get him out. I explained to him again why he had to have time out and gave him a kiss and a hug. I know this is the first of many times he will have time out but hopefully if I start now and am consistent he will be an obedient child who respects his parents. Parenting his so hard!


Tiffany said...

HAHA! I laugh because I sympathize. :) You are such a good mom.

Katherine Moore said...

That is sooo cute!! And, I mean soo cute probably because I don't have to be a parent, but I picture you as Super Nanny with the english accent and all. Just precious.