More Hot Sauce Please!

After spending the day Wednesday indoors waiting and celebrating the arrival of baby Shae, we decided to continue the celebration by eating outside on the patio at Christina's for dinner. If you don't live in the Dallas area it was 82 degrees on Wednesday. Yes I know it is February but the weather could not have been more perfect the last couple of days. So we took advantage of the crazy Texas weather at enjoyed yummy Mexican food outside {which also happens to be one of my favorite things to do...you just can't beat Mexican food, a cold beer and a patio}. Anyway, Cole has started a new thing where he likes to dip anything into everything and take things out of bags, boxes, drawers, etc. and then put everything back. Well he saw everyone dipping their chip in the hot sauce and just had to do it too. Let me tell you first that this was not hot hot sauce by any means. I would not have let him do it if it was. He LOVED it!!!!!!! He could not get enough! I finally had to take it away {which did not go over well with him} for the fear that he might get a tummy ache but he loved it and loves Mexican food too!

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