I have been working on teaching Cole his colors lately. When we read I point out the colors in the book. When he gets a toy out I tell him what color it is and so on. So I decided to spruce bath time up a bit and teach him his colors at the same time. Santa left Crayola Bath Tablets in his stocking and over the past week we have had a very colorful bath time. Even though he can't say the colors back to me, I hope he is absorbing all this information and storing it until he can talk. Plus, it makes for a really cute post!
P.S. Please excuse a couple of the pictures...he is a boy after all :-)


Jessica said...

LOVE Cole's face in each of the pictures. So cute! Thank you for your thoughtful posts on my blog. I appreciate your encouragement and congrats!

Poefam said...

So fun! ;)