14 Months in a Nut Shell

Cole is 14 months old today! I know I say this every month but I can't believe how fast he is growing and learning! Everyone always says enjoy every minute because he will be all grown up before you know it...SO TRUE!!! So, in honor of his 14 month mark here is Cole in a nut shell:

laughing SMILING super crawler HILARIOUS strawberries balls DANCING music loves being outside PUPPIES books clapping juice good hugger NOT WALKING YET nose belly button birds moon turkey bread peas carrots waffles ice cream snuggle DOESN'T LIKE BED TIME no more passy LOVES BATH TIME Bee Movie commercials loves his Little People Town purses wallets CELL PHONES credit cards mac'n cheese green beans great eater LOVES HIS RED WAGON gets into everything understands the word "No" shoes no socks LOVED BY MOMMY AND DADDY!

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Jessica said...

Cute post and very cute picture!