First Movie Theater Experience

The Muir family had a busy Saturday. We started the day off with the cable guy fixing our cable at 8:00 am that had been out for 24 hours. Then it was bath and shower time and off to lunch a Chick-fil-a. Cole was dressed in a precious sweater and jeans because after lunch we were going to take him to visit Santa Claus. Well.....we never even made it to the parking lot. The service roads on both sides of the highway where we needed to exit were jam-packed. We just knew the line for Santa was going to be soooo long that we decided to wait and take him during the day one day this week while everyone else is at work! So.....instead, we decided to be crazy and take our 13 month old to his first movie at the movie theater. I know some of you are wondering what we were thinking, but you must not know that we have the most perfect child! Every time time the trailer for Bolt came on TV at home, Cole would go nuts! So that is what we took him to see and he watched the whole thing!!!!! He LOVED it!!!!! RT and I were totally prepared to waste our money and have to leave before the movie was over but we didn't have to! The movie was so cute! RT and I thought the hamster, whose name is Rhino, was hilarious! I will tell you that Cole went from lap to lap, stood and held onto the railing and played with his wipes for some of the movie but he never fussed, cried, got scared or anything! Oh how I love my child!!!!! Needless to say, I think Santa will bring him some Bolt toys for Christmas.

Cole watching the movie and pointing to Bolt!

After seeing Bolt we went home so I could make some of my favorite Christmas goodies to take to the Christmas party RT and I were going to. Then it was back in the car to take Cole to Nana Nett and Pop Pop's house for fun and games while mommy and daddy went out. {See next post for party pics}

What A Day! Stay tuned for pictures with Santa!

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