13 Months

I can't believe my baby is 13 months old! I feel like we just had his 1st birthday party and now he is 13 months old. Where does the time go?!

So, for his 13 month post I thought I would share some of the fun things he has done and/or accomplished since he turned one.

1. When asked "Where is mommy or daddy or Finny?" He will look or point at the correct person/dog. He is really starting to recognize and associate people with their names now.

2. He shakes his head "NO". He has started expressing himself by clapping when he is excited or does something right and shakes his head "no" when he does want or like something.

3. He likes to put his forehead to yours as a sign of affection. He will curl up in your lap and put his forehead to yours and just stare right into your eyes and then it is followed by giggles and hugs. So Sweet!!

4. He pats your back or leg when he is glad you are near. I guess he picked it up from his mommy and daddy patting him when we hold him and now he does the same thing to us. I love it!

5. He gives really great hugs now {when he wants to, not on command}. Melts my heart!

6. When asked "Where is the ball or puppy or bird or moon?" he will look for them and find them on the ground or in the sky. He loves looking for birds outside.

7. He understands directions more and more every day. You can say "Go get your ball behind the chair." and he knows where to go and finds it.

8. He LOVES being outside. Period.

9. He hasn't turned down any kind of food we have put in front of him. I do not make him special meals so he has to eat what we eat and thankfully he does! He loves enchiladas and black bean dip from Gloria's!

10. He would stay in the bath tub for hours if we let him. He loves the water!

11. He used to be a wonderful shopping partner but that has begun to change. He does not like to be strapped in his stroller anymore.

12. He says"Mmmmmm" when he puts any thing that is or looks like a cooking or eating utensil in his mouth whether there is food on it or not. He just knows it is supposed to taste good.

13. His new favorite thing is to play with mommy and daddy's wallets. He like to take all the cards out and throw them around the room.
We feel blessed everyday to have such a smart and easy going little guy!

This is what happens when daddy gives Cole a bath! Hilarious!

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