Friday Night Lights

Friday night my parents, RT, Cole and I went to the Plano {I am a Plano Alumni} vs. Allen football game. This was Cole's first high school football game and I wasn't sure how it was going to go. When we went to the lake to watch the UT vs OU game he cried every time someone yelled at the game so I was worried that the same thing was going to happen, but it didn't! I think there were too many other distractions so all the screaming and yelling didn't bother him as much. We only stayed until right after half time {Plano was getting their butts kicked} and then headed home.

I love high school football and it being at the game brought back so many happy high school memories and scared me to death for what I am going to be facing in the next 18 years with Cole. Yikes!

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