Ladybug Love

My grandfather, Pops, loved all creatures great and small. He wouldn't kill anything, not even a spider! If you ask me, one less spider in the world isn't going to hurt anything, but Pops would not have dreamed of killing one. He loved ladybugs and said they were good luck. When Kori and I were little he would catch ladybugs with us and we would count their
spots. After Pops died my mom and my grandmother, Moms, were at Pops' grave and a ladybug landed on it. We believe it was a sign from Pops in heaven letting us know that he is always with us and loves us very much.

I was always very close to Pops and I miss him terribly. He died my freshman year at TECH and on my graduation day we were taking pictures after the ceremony and a ladybug landed on my arm. I instantly got goosebumps and knew Pops was looking down on me and was so proud of my huge accomplishment. Kori even wore a ladybug pin on her petticoat under her wedding dress on her wedding day. All that to say we love ladybugs!

My mom has a ladybug magnet on her refrigerator and Cole spotted it one day and went crazy! It is holding up a picture of my cousin's kiddos and at first we thought he liked looking at the babies in the picture until he reached up there and immediately took the magnet off the frig and carefully inspected it. He loves that magnet! He goes crazy every time he sees it. I love that he loves ladybugs as much as I do and I can't wait to share why ladybugs are so special to us and share stories about his great grandfather with him. Cole and Pops would have loved each other so much!

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Poefam said...

What a sweet sweet story! I love it so much! :) Thanks for sharing!