Oh Happy Day!

We had a very busy and exciting weekend around the Muir house. To start things off I attended a bridal luncheon for RT's cousin, Gentry, on Friday afternoon. It was so beautiful and the food was excellent. That night RT and I attended the rehearsal dinner at Austin Ranch. What a great place to have a Texas themed party. There was wonderful food, dancing and great toasts to the happy couple. Saturday afternoon RT, Cole and I met my friend from TECH, Shelley and her boyfriend Chip for lunch at Taco Diner. I hadn't seen her in almost 3 years so it was great to catch up and for her to meet Cole. That night we went to Jordan and Gentry's wedding at Delaney Vineyards. It was such a beautiful wedding and Gentry looked amazing! Because Jordan is an officer in the Army they did a Saber Arch Salute where two rows of fellow officers faced each other and held their swords up making an "arch" for the bride and groom to walk under at the end of the ceremony. It was something I had never seen in person before and was very cool. Congratulation to the happy couple! RT, Cole and I wish you the best!

Yummy strawberry grooms cake

The beautiful brides cake was alternating tiers of carrot cake and red velvet cake (red velvet cake is my all time favorite so I was in heaven)

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