Cole's Fat Feet

I have always loved Cole's little hands and feet. For his first few months Cole never seemed to relax his hands. They would always be "jazz hands" even when he was sleeping. We would try and press his fingers down hoping he would relax but they would just pop right back up! Now he uses primarily his right hand to reach and feel things by using a "bye-bye" motion. I don't know how else to explain it...you just have to see him do it. So cute! Anyway, he has always had fat chewable feet. He has only worn shoes a couple of times in his life because the top of his feet are so fat that they don't fit in shoes! The best part about his yummy chewable feet is not the top of them but the fat roll over his heel. Yes, you can see it in the pictures below.......I don't know if I have ever meet another baby that has a similar roll. Besides Cole's extremely large thighs, his fat little feet are one of my favorite things about him.


Sharukh Khan said...

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protest said...

Hi, I came across your post while looking for pics of 'puffy baby feet.' They look exactly like my son's feet at 10 months. Our pediatrician has recently scared the crap out of us by diagnosing it as lymphedema and referring us to a genetic specialist! Has your ped ever said anything about your son's feet being abnormal? Please email me j.grossman13@gmail.com, we can chat.