Memorial Day Weekend

We had so much fun Memorial weekend. RT took the day off on Friday and we spent the whole day together. We went to lunch, went shopping (RT bought a pair of flip flops with the thing that goes in between your toes. He hates those kinds of flip flops but he bought and wears them because I like them....I think he is getting used to them already) and ate dinner at RT's parents house with his sister and her boyfriend. On Saturday we headed to Lake Texoma to spend the day on my parents boat. This was Cole's first boat ride and the life jacket did not go over well. Once he had it on he wouldn't move his head or arms. The only thing that moved were his eyes. Let's just say Cole and I spent a lot of time down stairs on the boat in the air conditioning. On Sunday RT, Cole and I spent the morning together doing laundry and cleaning house. We hung out by my parents pool and Kori and Jon came over too. RT and Jon made up new pool games......something that required a brick and a bucket at the bottom of the pool. I didn't ask. We all hung out by my parents pool on Monday with more swimming and more pool games. All in all it was a very relaxing and family filled weekend. What fun!

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