Look What I Can Do!

Here are a few milestones that have happened in my first 6 months of life:
1. I celebrated my first Thanksgiving
2. I can roll from my tummy to my back
3. I can lift my head while on my tummy for a short period of time
4. I had my picture taken with Santa Clause
5. I recognized my mommy's voice
6. I recognized my daddy's voice
7. I started smiling
8. I celebrated my first Christmas

9. I celebrated my first New Year's Eve with my Mimi and Gramps (mommy had the flu)
10. I slept through the night for 4 nights straight
11. I started laughing (and I haven't stopped since)
12. I am able to hold my head up on my own all the time
13. I celebrated my first Valentine's Day

14. I found my hands (they are always in my mouth)
15. I saw my first snow

16. I started grasping objects (and putting them in my mouth)
17. I started eating cereal (I didn't like it until my mommy put bananas in it and now I love it!)
18. I celebrated my daddy's 28th Birthday
19. I had my picture taken with the Easter Bunny
20. I celebrated my first Easter

21. I got my first cold
22. I learned how to roll from my back to my tummy
23. My 2 bottom front teeth came in
24. I found my feet

25. I can ride in the grocery cart without sitting in my car seat

26. I started eating vegetables (I like peas, squash and sweet potatoes, I don't like carrots)

27. I gave my mommy her first Mother's Day gift. It was a silver necklace with my actual foot prints on it
28. I learned how to sit alone

29. I learned how to hold my own bottle

30. I went to the park and was pushed high in the swing and went down the slide with my daddy

31. I floated in my jet ski raft in Mimi and Gramps' pool (it was so relaxing)

32. I learned how to drink juice from a sippy cup
33. I rode on my Mimi and Gramps' boat at Lake Texoma......

I did NOT like my life jacket
34. I celebrated my first Memorial Day by hanging out by the pool

35. Took my first bath sitting up in my new duck tub

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